Closed Job Advertising

Profile ad with targeted CV-match

NOK  5,995

To achieve the best match between a vacancy and applicants, a targeted approach is sometimes called for. We post a profile ad featuring the company logo and place it in the relevant job categories and geographic areas. At the same time, we will perform a targeted and professional search for qualified candidates.

Robot Scanning Agreement

NOK 50,000 per year

Increase the exposure of your job ads with Jobbsafari. A Robot Scanning agreement with Jobbsafari means that your current job ads are scanned by the Jobbsafari Robot Scanning once every 24 hours. All job ads appear on Jobbsafari for up to 21 days. The ads are posted on Jobbsafari with a link to your job ad.

Social Booster

NOK  2,500

Make your Jobbsafari job ad complete with a Social Booster and reach millions of readers on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Job ad


Are you looking for a simple way to post your own job ad, you have the option of uploading it on The ad will feature 4-5 lines of text and a link to the entire ad text. Your company logo will not be displayed. The ad is published for 3 weeks and will then be automatically removed.

Closed Additional Exposure and Employer Branding

Total Skyscraper

NOK  10,000

A Skyscraper provides you with great and targeted exposure. You can choose between three Skyscrapers – a Total Skyscraper, a Channel Skyscraper or a Category Skyscraper – depending on your needs.

Advertisement of the Week

NOK  10,000

The advertisement will feature as Advertisement of the Week on Jobbsafari’s start page for one week. Job ads will also be posted as profile ads in the relevant job categories. Size: 300x250 pixels.

Closed Recruiting


From NOK 5,995 plus NOK 25,000

With our SemiSearch recruitment product, you leave the difficult part to Jobbsafari and ease your own way to the most qualified candidates. We post a profile ad on our site. Our recruitment consultants then search the CV database, contact the relevant candidates by email or phone, and send the CVs of interested candidates to you.

Search in the CV database

From NOK 3,650
No-cure no-pay

You can search for employees in our CV database, which contains over 1,000 candidates, without any charge. Inviting candidates for an interview is also free of charge. You only pay NOK 3,650 if you employ a candidate through Jobbsafari.

Jobbsafari QuickApply

Manage your next recruitment in a smarter, simpler and more professional way with Jobbsafari QuickApply, our free online application system.

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