You’re safe with Jobbsafari

With us you can be sure that your data is in safe hands. At Jobbsafari we make it a point to take good care of personal data, so you can rest assured that your data is safe with us.

We take good care of your data and that of candidates
When we receive data from candidates and companies in connection with recruitment, we have the responsibility to take care of it. We have always taken this responsibility seriously — data is in our DNA. We of course process personal data in accordance with the regulations of the Act on Processing of Personal Data and the General Data Protection Regulation of 25 May 2018.
On this page you can find out how we secure your data and that of candidates when we cooperate for recruitment.


Can we upload applications to the Jobbsafari QuickApply system that were received by email?

At this time, Jobbsafari cannot upload applications to the application system. You will need to ask the candidate to resend their application via the application link in the job ad.

It is imperative that the candidate actively provides their consent to the processing of their personal data, and such consent cannot be properly obtained when the candidate sends their application in an email.

We are working to make it possible for you to upload applications received outside of the Jobbsafari application system and simultaneously obtain the candidate’s consent so as to ensure that their data is not processed before the candidate has agreed to it. We expect to have the system update ready during the summer of 2018.

How long will Jobbsafari save CVs and applications in my SemiSearch/Administration of candidates?

Jobbsafari saves application documents for one year after the case has been closed. For recruitment cases which fall under Norwegian law, we will save the application documents for two years in accordance with the right of appeal under the Norwegian Discrimination Act.

You will have access to CVs and applications while your job ad is online during the recruitment process. Once the recruitment process is complete, you will no longer have access to the candidates.

What happened to the candidate?/An application is missing from the system?

One of two things might have happened. Either the candidate withdrew their application or the candidate requested that their data be erased.

Candidates can opt to delete applications that they have submitted at any time. When this happens, the application will be removed from the system. The same applies if a candidate sends Jobbsafari a “request for deletion”. The General Data Protection Regulation grants everyone the right to be “forgotten”, meaning that all of the information about the candidate must be erased.

May I retrieve and save CVs and applications for the candidates we hire?

Yes, you may save application documents for the people you choose to hire. If you have copied/downloaded information about other candidates, we recommend that you delete this information. If you opt to save the information, you will be the independent data controller for this data, and must therefore comply with the laws that apply. This means that you must ensure that you have a legitimate reason to save the data and that you obtain the candidate’s consent, for example. Read more in the Norwegian Data Protection Agency’s Guide on the rights of registered individuals.

May I share my login credentials with co-workers who are on a search committee with me?

For security reasons, you should not share your login credentials with others. We recommend granting each member of the search committee individual access, which we can easily take care of for you. Send the names and email addresses of the people who need to be granted access to your Recruitment Consultant at Jobbsafari.

How do you comply with the GDPR and uphold the rights of registered individuals?

We have updated our Terms and Privacy Policy to ensure that both are in keeping with legal requirements and guidelines. In our “Terms and Privacy Policy”, we inform the candidate of whom we disclose their data to, when the data will be erased and the candidate’s right to access their personal data and have it erased. In our application system, we inform the candidate of the purpose of processing their personal data on the application form itself, and the candidate gives their consent to have their personal data processed.

Jobbsafari conducts clear-cut internal procures for how we uphold the rights of registered individuals, observe legal requirements and update our systems so that we can, for example, provide access to or delete personal data quickly.

What does Jobbsafari do in order to safeguard data?

Jobbsafari has taken a number of security measures in order to protect the confidentiality, accessibility and integrity of personal data. We keep a log, among other things, of who has viewed the candidates’ applications, as well as what personal data has been accessed. You can read more about this here in our information security policy.