You’re safe with Jobbsafari

With us you can be sure that your data is in safe hands. At Jobbsafari we make it a point to take good care of personal data, so you can rest assured that your data is safe with us.

Jobbsafari gathers together all job ads in Norway.
At Jobbsafari, we gather together all job ads in Norway and run the country’s largest job ad archive, which is used by our job-seeking candidates.

Jobbsafari is the data controller

Jobbsafari is the data controller for the processing of the personal data contained in your job ads. We store personal data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation and current legislation, which you can read more about on this page.

Data Protection Officer contact information

If, after having read the information provided below, you have further questions about how Jobbsafari processes the personal data in your company’s job ads, you may contact our Data Protection Officerby email at

About jobs ads and the job ad archive

Jobbsafari is the data controller of all of the job ads on our websites and in our job ad archive, which is a collection of all of the job ads published in Norway. This responsibility applies not only to job ads placed by customers, but also job ads retrieved from other external sites by our robot scanner.

Personal data in job ads

Most job ads contain general personal information in the form of contact details, usually those of the HR Officer or Manager of the department seeking to hire. This personal data is often the individual’s full name, email address and/or phone number.

We store these contact details either because you and your company have placed a job ad with us or because we have retrieved your job ad with our robot scanner, which adds all of the job ads that are not placed with us to our list of job ads.

The purpose of saving personal data from job ads

Jobbsafari will initially save your personal data in Jobbsafari’s current list of job ads, and will later save a copy in our job ad archive. The job ad archive is available to anyone and it currently contains three million job ads, which are used by our job-seeking candidates to retrieve information in connection with the following, for example:

  • Research – what type of employees has the company searched for before?
  • Submission of unsolicited applications – who is a relevant person for the candidate to contact, provided this person is still employed there?
  • Invitation to a job interview – here the job ad can aid in the candidate’s preparation, and they can retrieve details for a contact person if they lost them

The job ad archive is also used by the Ministry of Employment, among others, to analyse labour market trends. The number of job ads in the archive over time is a significant indicator of the development and growth of the labour market, and is also useful for forecasting unemployment and future skills needs.

Storage of personal data

Jobbsafari will store your personal data for as long as it serves an archival purpose. In some specific cases, personal data can be erased.

Your rights

Under the General Data Protection Regulation, you and your company are afforded a number of rights in relation to our processing of personal data. If you would like to exercise your rights, you must contact us via the aforementioned contact details.

Your rights include the following:

  • The right to view data – you have the right to access the data which we process about you, as well as a range of other information
  • The right to corrections – you have the right to request corrections to be made to incorrect information about you
  • The right to “be forgotten” – in some specific cases, you may have the right to request that your data be deleted before our deadline for regularly deleting information has been reached
  • The right to limit processing – in certain special cases, you may have the right to set a limit on the processing of your personal data
  • The right to object – in certain special cases, you may have the right to object to our otherwise legal processing of your data
  • The right to transmit data – in certain special cases, you may have the right to receive your data in a structured, commonly used and machine readable format

Requests for deletion of personal data

We will save and store a copy of your contact information from your company’s job ads at a later date because we would like to provide our job-seeking candidates and other relevant parties a reference for all job ads that are published in Norway. The legitimacy of this interest is underscored by the fact that the personal data in a job ad is produced and published by the recruiting company itself. The aforementioned points constitute our legal basis for processing data, which is why as a rule, we do not remove job ads from our job ad list or archive.

If you would like the personal data in your company’s job ads to be removed—as well as from our job ad archive —you and your company must contact us and explain why the personal data should be erased. For example, your reason might be that the personal data concerns a former employee who is no longer working at your company. Another example would be if a person is receiving harassing phone calls that can be traced back to the contact information provided for them.

Personal data will be removed after a specific assessment has been made

This means that we will remove your personal data after we have specifically assessed you and your company’s request. We will weigh your request against our legitimate interest in storing the personal data.

The data can be removed no earlier than three months after the application deadline. This gives our job-seeking candidates the opportunity to retrieve relevant information with reference to the reasons previously mentioned.

Appealing to the Norwegian Data Protection Agency

You and your company have the right to file an appeal with the Norwegian Data Protection Agency if you are dissatisfied with how we process your personal data. You can find contact details for the Norwegian Data Protection Agency on their website.