Newsletter consent

Jobbsafari may send me email newsletters with tips, guides and background information on topics such as job applications, CVs, job interviews or career changes, along with info about Jobbsafari services. In addition, I will receive information about trade shows, courses, contests and events held by Jobbsafari, Jobbsafaris parent company, companies from the Jobindex Group and partners via apps, social media, the Internet and other digital channels.

Jobbsafari may collect and use data it has on me and the information listed on my profile to target the content of its newsletters to make them as relevant to me as possible.

My data will be stored by Jobbsafari, whom I can contact at any time with questions or requests concerning data it has on me and my user activity.

I can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time by clicking “Unsubscribe from this newsletter” at the bottom of the email.

If in the future there are other products, partners or methods of communication that become relevant, Jobbsafari may use this consent to inform me and ask whether I would like to update my consent or the data it has on me.

Click here if you would like to receive information about Jobbsafaris Personal Data Protection Policy and if you would like more information about the data Jobbsafari has on you and to have the opportunity to update your data.