See how candidates view your company

On the Company Profile current and former employees can submit their rating and it is your opportunity to give candidates an insight into your company as a workplace. Search for your Company Profile below.

How do you present you company for the future employees?

Here you will find your Career page at Jobbsafari. The Career page allows candidates to investigate your company and it is here that previous and current employees will share their evaluation of your company as an employer. Jobbsafari connects your Career page to the ads that you are publishing on and candidates can in addition to this also find the Career page by name, geography or line of business.

Do the future employees find You attractive?

Candidates can get to know you better via the Career page. It is even more likely that they will apply for a job at your company when they know more about you. Surveys done by Jobbsafari shows, that the more a candidate knows of a future possible employer, the more likely he/she is to apply. The Career page is you best opportunity to attract more qualified candidates for you open positions.

Happy workplaces attract more candidates

If you company is a great place to work, it will attract more candidates but it will also result in less absence and more innovative employees – that will have a positive impact on your bottom-line.

Make you Career page attractive

On the Career page, you can present your company with text and photos – and even videos. You can update the Career page with news from your company and all candidates following you will receive it in their email-box. Jobbsafari makes sure that your Career page is always up to date with open positions, reviews from former and present employees and your financial details.