Job advertising

Get the most qualified selection of candidates

Job advertising

Profile ad

To achieve the best match between a vacancy and applicants, a targeted approach is sometimes called for. We post a profile ad featuring the company logo and place it in the relevant job categories and geographic areas. At the same time, we will perform a targeted and professional search for qualified candidates.

Robot Scanning Agreement

Increase the exposure of your job ads with Jobbsafari. A Robot Scanning agreement with Jobbsafari means that your current job ads are scanned by the Jobbsafari Robot Scanning once every 24 hours. All job ads appear on Jobbsafari for up to 21 days. The ads are posted on Jobbsafari with a link to your job ad.


CV database

Free access to the CV database. You will find interesting candidates open to talk. It's easy to search and you can contact those you want. You pay only if you hire through the database – NOK 4.995,–

Jobbsafari QuickApply

Manage your next recruitment in a smarter, simpler and more professional way and comply with the General Data Protection Regulation using Jobindex QuickApply, our free online application system. Reed the manual.