Increase the exposure of your job ads with Jobbsafari

ALL YOUR JOB ADS ON JOBBSAFARI AT A COMPETITIVE PRICE Jobbsafari is one of Norway’s largest job databases. Almost 20.000 people have chosen to subscribe to Jobbsafari’s job alerts. More than 5.000 people have registered their cv in our cv-database.

SUBSCRIPTION – AUTOMATIC EXPOSURE Jobbsafari offers a service that gives job ads posted on your company website exposure on Jobbsafari as well. The job ads are automatically posted on Jobbsafari – in a relevant category and geographical region – based on the text of the ad. They also gain exposure when job seekers use Jobbsafari to search for words that occur in the text of the ad.

EXPOSURE WITH A LINK TO YOUR AD A subscription with Jobbsafari means that your current job ads are scanned by the Jobbsafari Robot Scanning once every 24 hours. All job ads appear on Jobbsafari for up to 21 days. The ads are posted on Jobbsafari with a link to your website. You are also able to include your company logo in the ad, if required.

  • Increased exposure at a competitive price
  • Your company logo – 70 x 35 pixels

The price of subscription is
NOK 4.995/month