Make your job ad visible on the leading social media

Make your Jobbsafari Profile job ad complete with a Social Booster and reach millions of readers on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Jobbsafari – Tens of thousands weekly visits.
Facebook – More than 2.8 million users in Norway.
LinkedIn – The largest professional network in the world with close to 1 million users in Norway.

A lot of conversations and job hunting takes places online today: in online forums, in communities, in social networks and on blogs. In this never-ending 24/7 flow across the world, it is important to know what to do to be heard and seen by the relevant target group. By letting your Jobbsafari ad be augmented with a Social Booster, you can ensure that the ad is published on the most relevant places in the social media world. Jobbsafari simply pushes your Profil job ad to the relevant target group in the relevant geographic region among millions of LinkedIn and Facebook users.

During the first week of the publication period, the ad will also be published on LinkedIn and Facebook. All candidates are directed to the Profil ad on and you will have full insights into statistics etc.

NOK 4.995