Profile Ad

Great and targeted exposure, only NOK 3.495

Be seen by several thousand candidates

With a Profile Ad on Jobbsafari, you and your company will gain maximum exposure. We show the job ad to several thousand unique users on for 4 weeks. The ad will be made visible in all relevant job categories and geographical areas. The top of the job ad will feature a company logo, which, when clicked on, will lead the reader directly to your homepage.

Directly into the inbox

Your Profile Ad will also pop up in the candidates e-mail inboxes. We will send your ad to all relevant candidates among thousands of e-mail subscribers, and your job ad will hereby be targeted towards job seekers who have shown an interest in the field relating to the position you wish to fill.

Special Layout

If you wish to present your company in another way than with a traditional ad, e.g. by using video, this is also possible. It costs an additional NOK 1.000 to the price of the profile ad.

How to

Send your ad text and a logo to Jobbsafari. We will produce an eye catching appetizer which advertises the Profile Ad and make it visible in all relevant categories on Jobbsafari.

Profile Ad

NOK 3.495