Jobbsafari QuickApply

Goodbye, crowded inboxes and messy Excel sheets. Hello, simple and organised recruitments!

Manage your next recruitment in a smarter, simpler and more professional way with Jobbsafari QuickApply, our free online application system. All you need is a Profile Advertisement or Profile Advertisements with CV Match on a subpage at

  • Gain a simple overview of all incoming applications
  • Use predefined mail templates to confirm receipt of the application, invite applicants for a personal interview or forward letters of rejection
  • Easily assess and rate applicants and obtain a clear overview
  • Write notes and give your colleagues access to viewing your comments

What’s in it for you:

  • An easy-to-navigate system
  • A clear overview – particularly when you receive many applications
  • A great first impression of your company which is important in winning the war for talent