Advertisement of the Week


Appear on our homepage and be seen by all jobbsafari users

When municipalities, local governments, hospitals or large companies and organisations need to launch a recruitment drive or otherwise need to profile themselves to a wide target group of candidates, the Advertisement of the Week is just the ticket. We post the Advertisement of the Week on Jobbsafari’s homepage, which means that it will be visible to almost 20.000 candidates visiting us each week.

Your advertisement in 5.000 candidates inboxes

The Advertisement of the Week is not only given homepage pride of place – it is also sent out via our e-mail service so that approx. 5.000 e-mail-subscribers will have your advertisement delivered directly to their inbox.

Almost 20.000 candidates … only a click away

With the Advertisement of the Week, you can market yourself widely. You will be exposed to almost 20.000 candidates who visit us each week, and interested candidates will be guided in your direction. Just one click on your advertisement takes them to your company website, campaign site or any other site of your choice.

With advertisement of the week you can market yourself widely

The Advertisement of the Week can be a graphic or a video advertisement. If you supply the advertisement, please use the specifications in the fact box. Alternatively, we can produce your Advertisement of the Week for you at an additional charge. We also produce a text advertisement as not all mail programmes are set up to show graphics. As we use a standard format, the Advertisement of the Week can easily be combined with other campaigns.

  • Your advertisement directly in 5.000 candidates inboxes
  • We use standard formats to make it easy for you to combine Advertisement of the Week with other campaigns

Specifications – if you yourself supply the job ad:

  • 300 x 250 pixels and max. 50 Kb
  • Animation of max. 3 loops of 15 seconds

Video ad:

  • Max. 60 seconds. Can only start on rollover
  • Delivery no later than Thursday in the week before the start of the campaign
Advertisement of the Week

NOK 10.000