Total Skyscraper

Dynamic eye-catcher – great visibility and targeted exposure

The best view is from a skyscraper

If you need to profile your company to potential, previous or existing employees and want more exposure, a skyscraper on Jobbsafari will give you visibility at a low price.

Over 80.000 candidates just a click away

Your skyscraper will be visible to over 80.000 candidates who visit our site every month. The skyscraper is located in the righthand column next to the job ads – it is dynamic and therefore catches the user’s eye. A click on the skyscraper takes interested candidates directly to your company website, campaign site or any other site of your choice.

Skyscrapers for all your needs

We have two different skyscraper options to choose from. A Total Skyscraper gives maximum exposure and appears on all Jobbsafari job pages. Total Skyscraper is suitable for larger campaigns – including recruitment and sale of job-related products. A Channel Skyscraper can be used to profile your company to a certain target group. It is visible to all candidates clicking on the channel.

Serious eye-catcher for 1-5 weeks

Skyscrapers are available with exposure periods of between one and five weeks. Our statistics show that a short period provides intensive exposure to fewer users while a longer period provides less intensive exposure to a larger number of users. Regardless of the period you decide on, the number of page views will remain constant and will correspond to approx. 20% of page views in the locations concerned.

Specifications – if you produce the skyscraper yourself

  • 160 x 600 pixels and max. 50 Kb
  • Animation of max. 5 loops
  • Delivery no later than Thursday in the week before the start of the campaign

Total Skyscraber NOK 10.000

Channel Skyscraber NOK 3.650

The prices do not include skyscraper production, but our media team will be happy to produce the skyscraper for a fee of NOK 1.000. If you supply the skyscraper yourself, please use the specifications below.