COVID-19: Use Jobbsafari as usual

What can you expect from Jobbsafari during this period where everyday life in Norway is a little different than we are used to?

Above all: we are here for you

Whether you are having job ads posted by us or getting help with your employer branding we are carrying on solving your assignment. This way you can rest assured that it is business as usual.

We are of course following the development closely. Jobbsafari's state of alertness is adjusted to the current situation. We started adjusting two weeks ago and have continuously adjusted according to the situation. That is why we are ready to function optimally given these unusual circumstances – some Jobbsafari employees are working from home and some from our office.

So although nothing is ordinary in Norway right now, everything is normal in our collaboration.

What if things change?

We will continue to follow the Government’s recommendations and continue to take care of our employees’ health. Because we are in an extraordinary situation, it is difficult to predict what will happen a couple of weeks ahead. In case of any adjustments, we will of course let you know as soon as possible and as clearly and concisely as we can.

Till then: call your contact person and we’re on your assignment.