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CERNProcess Operator in Cryogenics / Opérateur des installations cryogéniques

CERN, Meyrin

From start-up and routine operation to maintenance support and emergency interventions, no stone is left unturned in the quest for perfectly reliable operation. The experience you will gain as a member of the expert team of LHC cryogenic operators could not be acquired anywhere else, teaching you to work autonomously and to respond to all manner of situations around complex industrial processes.

As member of the Cryogenics process operations team, you will:

  • Be part of a 24-7 shift team which runs the cryogenics facilities supporting the Large Hadron Collider.
  • Integrate a multinational team with a range of skills and expertise.
  • Get the chance to broaden your knowledge into new areas.
  • Receive specific training and support for your professional development.

CERN, 24. oktober
CERNElectronics Project Leader and Engineer

CERN, Meyrin

Are you a skilled electronics engineer, with project management experience and leadership acumen looking to stretch yourself and take on a new challenge? Join CERN's Electrical Power Converter group and contribute to the converter controls electronics team in the design and realisation of the next generation modular converter controls electronics system. Take part!

As an Electronics Project Leader and Engineer you will be part of CERN's Technology Department (TE), which is responsible for technologies specific to existing particle accelerators, facilities and future projects. You will join the Electrical Power Converter Group (TE-EPC) which is responsible for the power converters for the CERN accelerator complex, and in particular the Converter Controls Electronics Section (TE-EPC-CCE), whose mandate covers the design, realisation, operation and consolidation of power converter control systems.

CERN, 24. oktober
CERNAdministrative Assistant / Assistant(e) administratif(-ve)

CERN, Meyrin

As a HR assistant you will join CERN's Human Resources (HR) Department, which develops initiatives and provides strategic support to CERN Management with regard to human resources policy. It supports line management in the departments, performs centralised service tasks, and ensures CERN-wide application of operational human resources activities.

The main areas of responsibility include organisational development, employment and association conditions, recruitment, job classification and salary administration, performance appraisal, advancement, internal mobility, training and development, social services, social security, working conditions, settlement of disputes and relations with the personnel.

CERN, 24. oktober
Tesla MotorsService Manager - Århus

Tesla Motors

This position requires a significant amount of customer interaction, so the ideal candidate will not only possess the technical and business acumen, but also the ability to provide a strong level of customer service. This position is located at our Service Center however the role will require travel as needed and directed by management.


  • Supervise day to day operations, control warranty costs and travel expenses
  • Manage service and parts operations at the store level
  • Performs Service Writing and Counsel
  • Train, mentor team, Maintain records of time, expenses and materials
  • Perform equipment inspections, adjustments and certifications
  • Perform other related duties as assigned

Jobbsafari, 22. oktober
Management Events
B2B Account Manager

Management Events, Oslo, Stockolm or Gothenburg

Management Events brings together the ICT solution providers and investment decision makers around Europe. We are now looking for a Norwegian speaking Account Manager to contribute to the sales of our B2B invitation only events!

As a B2B Account Manager

  • main target is to create new business by acquiring new clients and selling solutions to the existing clients in Norway.
  • tasks include prospecting, contacting potential clients on the phone, meeting potential customers in virtual meetings using new and unique Engagement Sales Method, closing sales and maintaining customer relationships.You can also have face-to-face meetings with the biggest and local clients.
  • You will be selling the solution portfolio and you are responsible for the whole sales process from prospecting to closing the deals. Your work is supported by marketing and presales functions providing prospects and leads.

Jobbsafari, 20. oktober
Steria ASInteraksjonsdesigner / UX-designer

Steria AS

Steria er et konsulentselskap med et sterkt og voksende fagmiljø innen brukeropplevelse og design. Vi er på jakt etter deg som brenner for brukeropplevelse og som ønsker å jobbe sammen med andre engasjerte spesialister innen området. Vi jobber med alt fra store, samfunnsnyttige løsninger til lettbeinte kreative prosjekter.

Vi søker 1-2 erfarne rådgivere med arbeidserfaring innen brukeropplevelse/interaksjonsdesign. I rollen vil du jobbe tett med frontendutviklere for å realisere design. God teknologiforståelse og kunnskap om CSS3 og HTML5 er ønskelig. Vi søker deg som trives i en utadrettet rolle og som er vant med å diskutere med kunder, brukere og utviklere.

Husk å skrive du så annonsen på Jobbsafari.

Steria AS, 16. oktober
Steria ASGrafisk designer med fokus på digitale medier

Steria AS

Steria har bygd opp et sterkt fagmiljø med 14 engasjerte spesialister innen brukeropplevelse og design. Vi vokser videre og ser nå etter senior grafiske designere med tydelig digital profil som vil være med å påvirke vår videre satsning.

Du vil jobbe teambasert i et tverrfaglig miljø som verdsetter en god delingskultur. Samtidig vil du få jobbe med spennende og varierte prosjekter med flere av Norges største virksomheter. Steria vektlegger et godt arbeidsmiljø og har blitt kåret til en av Norges beste arbeidsplasser flere år på rad av Great Place to Work.

Husk å skrive du så annonsen på Jobbsafari.

Steria AS, 16. oktober
CERNMechanical Engineer for Safety

CERN, Meyrin

Contribute your mechanical engineering design skills and expertise in work safety to the world's largest particle physics laboratory in the world: CERN. Take part!

As a Mechanical Engineer in the Prevention & Safety Engineering Expertise Section of DGS-SEE Group, you will take up the role of CERN specialist for mechanical Safety, joining a multidisciplinary team of Safety experts, covering several engineering domains.

As mechanical Safety expert, in your day-to-day work and for the afore-mentioned domains, you will:

  • Check and validate design calculations coming from different CERN technical departments.
  • Provide support in Safety risk assessment and risk control, audits and technical reviews.
  • Check the conformity to Safety requirements of engineering and tendering specifications.

CERN, 16. oktober
CERNMechanical Engineer

CERN, Meyrin

Are you looking for a job that offers new challenges on almost a daily basis? CERN's Engineering Department is looking for a Mechanical engineer interested in following the mechanical production of complex components for CERN's particle accelerators from design to operation. Come discover a variety of challenges and projects, develop your skills using the latest machining technologies, and contribute to some of the most fascinating scientific experiments in the world! CERN. Take part!

As a Mechanical Engineer in the Machining & Maintenance Section, you will:

  • Develop machining and manufacturing methods for fabrication of high-precision prototypes and components for accelerators and experimental facilities.
  • Contribute to the whole production process of product design, materials and parts, programming and tooling on CNC machining centres, assembly methods.

CERN, 16. oktober
CERNPS Accelerator Operation Technician

CERN, Meyrin

Are you qualified in physics, computing, electronics, electricity or electro-mechanics? Do you have a first experience in a technical or scientific environment? Take your career to an exiting new level by joining the team of operators who run the Proton Synchrotron (PS) of CERN's accelerator complex. Take part!

Your main activities will consist of:

  • Monitoring the accelerator and beam production status and act promptly in case of issues arising.
  • Adjusting machine parameters in order to ensure beam characteristics for the experiments are according to the specifications, using a large range of diagnostic tools.
  • Troubleshooting beam physics and technical accelerator related problems, using a range of powerful diagnostic tools, perform data analysis and ensure a solution will be implemented with the expert support from the different equipment groups.

CERN, 16. oktober
CERNSystems Administrator

CERN, Meyrin

Did you know that CERN's main central Computing Facilities are among the most important network hubs for research in Europe? Did you know that it hosts several thousand servers, sited in a main Computer Centre and two remote computing rooms located in Geneva and in Budapest? Join a team of eight members where everyone is an equal and take the challenge of being involved in the installation of 300 servers in less than a week and troubleshooting issues on a huge variety of hardware platforms. Take part!

Your main activities will consist of:

  • Responding to alarms on production systems, most of them running Linux, in accordance with well-defined procedures.
  • Helping in diagnosing undocumented alarms.
  • Creating and maintaining documentation for the team.

CERN, 16. oktober
Mandag Morgen

Mandag Morgen, Copenhagen

We are looking for a project director for the Global Opportunity Team. The team is tasked with the ambitious goal of changing the mindset of global decision makers and influencers from seeing sustainability as mainly a risk into seeing it as an opportunity for continued – and better – growth.

The team produces the annual Global Opportunity Report (first report will be released in January) and orchestrates the Global Opportunity Network, which is a global platform for discussions on how to seize the benefits arising from the transition to a sustainable economy. The project is a joint collaboration between Monday Morning and DNV GL.

Jobbsafari, 10. oktober
CERNControl Room Operator / Technicien

CERN, Meyrin

Make your contribution to the challenging work of CERN's Control Centre (CCC): join the technical infrastructure shift crew to monitor and control CERN's technical infrastructure, handle events and faults as they occur, arrange on-site repairs and manage resources according to set priorities. Take part!

As part of the shift crew, the technical infrastructure (TI) operator is responsible for monitoring CERN´s key technical infrastructure. The systems involved include electricity distribution, cooling and ventilation systems and making sure that important safety systems are in perfect working order. It is the job of the TI operator to spot problems and take corrective actions to avoid beam stops and interruptions to the physics experiments. In case of a major problem such as a site wide power cut, the TI operator on shift manages the different call out services respecting the overall CERN priorities.

CERN, 9. oktober
e-conomic international a/sEn annerledes regnskapsfører-stilling

e-conomic international a/s, København

Et av europas største regnskapsprogram e-conomic, søker etter deg som vil bli en del av vårt norske supportteam på hovedkontoret i København. Vi tilbyr en gylden mulighet for å kombinere din bakgrunn som regnskapsfører med å briljere i kundeservice.


  • Hjelpe eksisterende og potensielle kunder i bruken av regnskapsprogrammet – blant annet opplæring av rutinerte revisorer og regnskapsførere.
  • På sikt vil man også bli involvert i ulike prosjektrelaterte oppgaver.
  • Sørge for at våre kunder føler seg trygg på å bruke e-conomic i deres bedrift
  • Ivareta kundehenvendelser via våre mange supportkanaler – som chat, blogg, webside, YouTube-kanal, forum, online kurs, wiki, e-mail og telefon.
  • Stå på for våre kunder og heller hjelpe litt for mye enn litt for lite

e-conomic international a/s, 8. oktober
CERNOperations Engineer

CERN, Meyrin

It's big. It's loud. It's cold. Temperatures below those found in outer space in fact and the setting of an unprecedented opportunity: are you an experienced industrial process operations engineer? Would you like to work with some of the largest and most diverse cryogenic installations in the world? If you have a taste for challenge, join the cryogenics group at CERN. Take part!

As an engineer in the Cryogenics operations team, you will:

  • Take the responsibility for the operation of the Central liquefier, the cryogenic test facility and the cryogenics for experiments.
  • Lead a small team of technicians responsible for the daily operation of cryogenic equipment.
  • Be responsible for planning the yearly operating, shut-down and maintenance periods, in coordination with the respective clients and the support sections (mechanical, electrical and controls).
  • Define operation procedures, control specifications, and process calculations.

CERN, 3. oktober
NusretBartendere, servitører, resepsjonister – ny restaurant-åbning i Dubai!

Nusret, Dubai

Flytt til en av verdens mest spennende reisedestinasjoner i solen

I forbindelse med vår snarlige åpning i det nye Four Season resort i Dubai, søker vi energiske, motiverte og karrierefokuserte – især med passion – servitører, bartendere og resepsjonister.

For å komme i betraktning skal du ha meget gode engelskkunnskaper, være entusiastisk og energisk og ikke minst ha en teamplayer-tilgang til jobbet. Det er helt avgjørende at du har erfaring fra et travelt og dynamisk restaurant-miljø.

Vi tilbyr losji, solid trening/utdannelse, karrieremuligheter og fremgang for dem, som er klare til å brillere og gå “the extra mile”.

Jobbsafari, 3. oktober
Mechanical Technician Engineer
Technical analysis and root cause investigations on mechanical parts together with our mechanical design engineers.
NAV, 24. oktober
CNC Operator (job ID: 17736)
Aker Solutions is a global provider of products, systems and services to the oil and gas industry.
Aker Solutions, Lier
NAV, 24. oktober
Systemutvikler PHP
Dyktige og erfarne systemutviklere er med å forandre og forbedre verden, hver dag.
Argo Internett, Oslo-området, Norge
LinkedIn, 24. oktober
Partner Associate Sales Representative Europe
Avdeling Fastsetjing har som hovedoppgåve å fastsetje skattar og avgifter og sikre eit korrekt folkeregister og avgiftsmanntal.
Cisco Systems Inc., Oslo
Karrierestart, 24. oktober
Systems Engineer Collaboration
Cisco ble etablert i 1984, året etter Internett slik vi kjenner det i dag ble etablert.
Cisco Systems, Oslo
Karrierestart, 24. oktober
Virtual Business Manager
Cisco ble etablert i 1984, året etter Internett slik vi kjenner det i dag ble etablert.
Cisco Systems, Oslo
Karrierestart, 24. oktober
Immigration and Office Managemnet Assistant
This role has two main areas of focus: firstly, under the supervision of the Nordic Immigration team you will be required to process...
Cognizant Technology Solutions, Oslo-Oslo
LinkedIn, 24. oktober
SSU Engineer
Our core business today is to supply highly qualified personnel to the oil & gas industry worldwide.
Competentia, Stavanger
LinkedIn, 24. oktober
Ønsker du å bli en del av Norges fremste kompetansemiljø innenfor Microsoft teknologi?
Crayon Norway, Oslo
LinkedIn, 24. oktober

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